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VR Files

The main qr codes for vr mobiles

The  QR code system for passive headsets was introduced by Google in may 2015. It allows specific setting for each type of VR headset depending on: These often neglected parameters are however essential, they allow to see correctly without having to force the accommodation. These QR codes, once flashed, allow all applications based on the SDK “Cardboard” to know the

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VR Education

Homido partner with PrimeVR to offer Google Expeditions to schools in the UK

PrimeVR offers experience days, VR kits and learning subscriptions to schools in the UK. Homido’s Grab headset forms part of PrimeVR’s kit alongside mobile devices, a ‘teacher’ tablet, a high-speed router and a transportable storage case.PrimeVR was founded by, Stuart Gent, a former Google Expeditions associate who travelled across the UK visiting schools and training teachers on how to use

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