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We deliver by colissimo, departure of the package the same day or the day after the order from our warehouse in the north of the France. Delivery within 48 to 72 hours in France. You will receive a confirmation email from the post office with tracking number as soon as the order starts. International delivery in less than a week to 10 days maximum depending on the destination. with TNT
Here is the link to our online store.Voici le lien vers notre boutique en ligne.

Homido is only available on our online store or partners website. The best way to try it is to buy it and don’t forget to give it to your friends!

You can pay with the PayPal module: by PayPal or by credit card or by bank transfer to our online store.

Yes you can pay with your credit card. On the ‘checkout’ page, click on ‘Proceed to PayPal’ at the bottom. On the PayPal payment page, click ‘Don’t have a PayPal account?’ on the right pane. You will see the payment options with the credit card appear. All you have to do is fill in the information and validate.

Homido can be used with Android and iPhone smartphones. The information on our compatibility page will help you confirm that your smartphone is compatible.

You can find the list of 300+ compatible Apps on our Homido Center app available on Android and iPhone. you can find most of VR videos, 360 video on You tube.

If you wear glasses, you can easily use Homido thanks to the lens cones included in the Homido package. All you have to do is remove your glasses and use the lens holder cone adapted to your vision (there is a special cone for nearsighted people and a special cone for farsighted).

– Just To have a compatible Android or iPhone smartphone (see compatibility page),
– Download an app compatible with virtual reality (find you the list of 300+ apps available on our Homido Center app, available on Android, and on iPhone,
– Insert your smartphone into the headset and you are ready to enter virtual reality.
More information available on our Tutorials page.

Homido is a quality product, comfortable and offers the best possible optical experience (interpupillary distance adjustment, eye-screen distance adjustment, 3 settings for glasses wearers). In addition, Homido works with the Homido Center application portal that makes our device “plug and play”: you open the box, you install the Homido Center and you are ready to enter virtual reality.

Watch 2D, 3D, 360 degree movies streaming or locally on your phone. Play virtual reality games. View 2D, 3D and 360-degree photos.

The center dial is the most important setting. It allows your Homido to adjust to your IPD (interpupilary distance) by adjusting the distance between the two lenses. If you see slightly blurry in the helmet and you do not wear glasses, be sure to adjust the IPD.

If you wear glasses, and you find that the focal length of the lens is not optimally adjusted for your vision, it is important first to start by choosing the silicone cone best suited to your vision.

The side dials allow you to adjust the level of immersion. If you find yourself too “immersed in the content” play this setting. This setting allows you to hide slight distortion defects that may appear outside your field of view as well. And depending on the morphology of your face, it also prevents the lens from touching the edge of the eye.

To better distribute the weight of the helmet on your head. If you deem it unnecessary, you can not use it.

It depends on the battery of your smartphone. You can charge your phone while using Homido, although it is recommended to charge your phone before using Homido for added convenience. Using airplane mode helps extend the battery and avoid being disturbed as well.

Our clip system adapts to all the smartphones we have tested so far. It keeps the phone securely in place as demonstrated in our video “product presentation. In addition, Homido is equipped with non-slip plastic protection pads on each side to hold the phone without damaging it.

We have developed special “VR” lenses in collaboration with an optical research institute to offer you the largest possible FOV (field of view) of 100 degrees to bring you a total immersion in virtual reality.

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