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Thanks to virtual reality, it is now possible to treat many disorders through immersive therapeutic applications. Our goal is to participate with different projects to make sense of virtual reality and help people with pathology.

Therapeutic applications combined with virtual reality make it possible to immerse the user at 360 degrees in animated and sound images, by assisting therapeutic treatments, by improving the training of practitioners or by bringing a more playful vision to the care. Virtual reality has proven itself in vision, motor skills, to relieve and treat pain, in the treatment of phobias …

HOMIDO partner of health programs

Give vision x Homido

HOMIDO x Give Vision, Sight+ is a virtual reality project to help visually impaired people regain vision that is close to normal.
The GiveVision startup uses the HOMIDO PRIME virtual reality headset with its Sight
plus program to help visually impaired people regain normal vision.

The Sight + app

5 years of R&D + 5 years of user feedback,
Ergonmics, ease of use,
Personalization sought by customers,
Voice announcement of features,
An application suitable for everyone,
Dedicated filters to see in all situations.

SightPlus is classified as a class 1 medical device, which means that it meets a number of criteria imposed by European legislation. Innovative project that will change the lives of its users. Thanks to the technology, it enables digital image processing to adapt it to the view of the user. Anyone diagnosed with low vision will gain independence

Homido PRIME and HOMIDO V2 are the popular products in these fields.
Simple and light virtual reality headsets, they adapt to everyone thanks to the pupillary distance adjustment

Mobile virtual reality health solutions

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