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Homido partners with numerous virtual reality education programs. With more than 250,000 students
equipped with virtual reality headsets around the world, Homido is the world leader in this sector.

Easy to clean

The materials used in the design of Homido Grab are very easy to clean.

Easy to share

Thanks to the strap-less design, the Homido Grab is ideal for easy sharing.

Strong and secure

The materials used are solid and the insertion of the smartphone is secure.

High quality lenses

Our high quality lenses offer you a 100° field of vision.

A new way of teaching, virtual reality present in education.

Virtual reality, a new way of teaching.
A method which aims to develop learning thanks to new technologies with new educational programs. Schools imagine their ways of teaching. The great advantage of virtual reality is that it allows the user to be transported to a place without all the constraints of time or travel. Experiential pedagogy is very powerful for learning.

Virtual reality in education makes to learn better by doing, to have better emotional engagement, to develop creativity and finally to develop visual memory.

Today, Homido is the best virtual reality actor for education.

Homido Grab: The Grab is the better virtual headset model for Virtual Reality Education at school: The best classroom tool designed specifically for the Google Expeditions program, it has WWGC “Google Works With Google” certification. Cardboard ”guaranteeing a high level of manufacturing and meeting strict standards.

Homido labels

Homido has supported Google in its virtual reality education program for more than 5 years by
designing hypoallergenic and durable headsets

Educational program kits are available for schools from our partners

HOMIDO partner of higher school education.

HOMIDO V2 and HOMIDO Prime, premium virtual headsets for students.

It will also improve student knowledge through real-life immersion. With different applications, the student will be immersed in real situations, for example in a point of sale to analyze the organization and propose solutions

Education Homido's partners

You are looking for a fun and complementary way to teach? all you need is a recent smartphone
and a Homido virtual headset
HOMIDO supports you in your education’ programs : contact us

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