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Sport with virtual reality

Practice sport in virtual reality, with Homido Prime and V2 headsets, practice sport in total immersion.

Fitness reinvented

Holofit : Virtual reality training for rowers, bikes and ellipticals.

The practice of sport evolves and adapts to the constraints of each individual. Whether for daily practice, amator or for professional training, virtual reality finds a place of choice in this sector. It allows you to train in different sports.
With a training program, you can practice your workout wearing a mobile virtual reality headset. It is a real coaching tool.

Sculpt your silhouette while traveling in your living room using mobile virtual reality? A fitness concept, which makes you want to move. Tone your body and work your heart by teleporting, thanks to a virtual reality headset and a small sensor, very easy to use.

The goal? Transform your cardio training sessions into getaways that allow you to disconnect from
everyday life.

Our partner HOLODIA offers a virtual reality fitness program.
Holofit: Virtual reality training for rowers, bikes and ellipticals.

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