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Homido partner with PrimeVR to offer Google Expeditions to schools in the UK

PrimeVR offers experience days, VR kits and learning subscriptions to schools in the UK. Homido’s Grab headset forms part of PrimeVR’s kit alongside mobile devices, a ‘teacher’ tablet, a high-speed router and a transportable storage case.
PrimeVR was founded by, Stuart Gent, a former Google Expeditions associate who travelled across the UK visiting schools and training teachers on how to use VR in the classroom. Google Expeditions is an app that gives teachers the power to immerse students in virtual learning environments. It has been designed to bring the outside world into the classroom; from diving in the Great Barrier Reef to observing Gorillas in the Congo – the possibilities are endless.

We were looking for a headset that was durable, stylish and appropriate for the classroom. The Grab headset by Homido ticked all our boxes. It was also important from our point of view that the headsets didn’t have straps; the idea is that VR should only be used for short periods of time in the classroom and as a complimentary learning tool. We are excited to be offering the Homido Grab as part of our VR kit for schools.

Stuart Gent, Founder of PrimeVR

If you’re interested in finding out more information about how VR can be used in education, check out Stuart regularly blogs about his experiences from the Google Expeditions programme and is continuously adding free resources like lesson plans that can be downloaded and used in the classroom.

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