Santa Claus just left a Homido Virtual Reality Headset under the tree and you don’t how to start ! Don’t panic ! Here is how to step inside the Metaverse !

What is a Homido VR headset and how does it work ?

A Homido VR headset uses your smartphone to dive into Virtual Reality. The compatible apps are listed in the VR Center Application and -you’ll check that later- we have a great app developed specifically as an introduction to VR.

The Homido Experience includes your brand-new headset, along with several apps which will cover all your needs.

Pas de panique !

Homido Application Suite

VR Center : this is our maind app. You’ll find all compatible experiences, games, applications, 360° videos, as well as articles and even a top 20 of the best experiences. To Virtual Reality, the VR Center is the equivalent of IMDb to Movies!

VR Center by Homido
Prix: Gratuit

VR Stream : our application dedicated to 360 videos. VR Stream is a virtual place where you can see more than 200 hours of 360 videos. VR Stream has a unique user interface fully dedicated to Virtual Reality.

VR Stream by Homido
Prix: Gratuit

VR Invite : your very first Virtual Reality Experience ! VR Invite is a tribute to Tchaïkovski’s Swan Lake, as well as a fantastic introduction to Virtual Reality. You can find this application on Google Play. It is also available under iOS through the VR Center and VR Stream apps in the “music” category.

1 ) Download VR Center on Apple or Android

The VR Center app needs an internet connection. If you can’t download the application, you should check whether your smartphone meets the requirements of Virtual Reality by checking our compatibility table.

The availability of the VR center App is limited to compatible smartphones.

2) Discover the VR Center and download your favorite contents

The VR Center shows a live feed where all the latest content is presented. You can also check the Top 20 for games and videos before starting with the most popular experiences ! You’ll find more info about the VR Center functions here.

3 ) Enjoy your experiences

Launch the app you’ve just downloaded, or your 360 Video through VR Stream, and insert your smartphone in your VR headset.

Carefully align the center of your screen with the arrow featuring on the headset hook.

4 ) A few tips

  1. Start with setting the IPD (Inter Pupillary Distance) of your headset until you get a single image (use the bottom wheel)
  2. Then adjust your vision using the wheel at the top of the headset
  3. For more comfort, you can set your smartphone by scanning the QR code. You’ll find all the related information here.