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The Homido Center brings together nearly 1,500 VR applications and content with 360° videos, 360° photos, 3D, etc., – all you need to accompany your Homido. This application, launched nearly two years ago, is updated weekly to offer you the content not to be missed.

There is a sea of VR applications out there, and it is not always easy to find the rare gem on the Google Play or the Apple store, which is why we are doing the work for you and going through content, be it videos, games, photos or even immersive experiences.

A new user-friendly interface and a lot of new features

At the beginning of 2017, we will release the biggest update the Homido Center will have seen. We are keeping our database, but we are starting from scratch by offering a clearer, more user-friendly interface, which will be even easier to use.

The idea is to make the Homido Center the ideal place to find games, experiences, videos, etc.

Here is a short changelog of some of the coming updates:

  • Blog articles
  • Simplified categories
  • App files
  • Integrated 360° video player within the app
  • Material design

and still lots more features that we prefer to keep as a surprise.

See you in early 2017!

Meanwhile, we will continue to introduce our favorite apps to you by releasing a dedicated article at the end of each week.

Vikings VR Rock the Balls (Android)

vikings-vr-rock-the-balls-logoReleased by an independent Russian studio Eva LLC, Vikings Rock the Balls is an arcade game that lets us direct a ball down a long slope. The goal of the game is as simple as it is jubilant, crushing a maximum of elements to gain the highest score. This game is perfect for challenging your friends by taking turns.

Vikings VR Rock the Balls relies on the Cardboard SDK and supports the image configuration with QR Codes. The game has an excellent framerate thanks to its cartoonish level design. Turning constantly at 60 frames per second, it is fluid and very immersive. Just launched on the Google Play, the game is currently rated as 5/5!

Vikings VR Rock the Balls is available as a free and paid version. Go to your Homido Center to download it now!

Our opinion:

@malaboum – Viking VR Rocks the Balls is a little gem; fun, addictive, and very well done. Bring more on!

@Michael – The rolling ball does not pick off moss, but houses and vikings; the concept of the game is funny and the VR is well integrated. The Power-up (available in the paid version) extends the life of the game.

@Gaelle – An innovative and addictive interactive experience to be tested, without a question! The immersion is complete, but watch out for obstacles and live gold coins!

And what do you think?

360 VR Duck Shooter (Android)


VR Duck Shooter, designed by an independent developer Kenny Park, is a virtual reality Shooter game set in a funfair ambiance. Like Vikings VR Rock the Balls, the simplicity of the level design accounts for the perfect framerate. The gameplay allows to use the action button on the Homido V2 to fire shots at moving or static targets. It has increasing difficulty and extends the life of the game.

Like in any good, respectable arcade game, the intention to improve the score is obvious; the replayability of the game is, therefore, quite strong.

360 VR Duck Shooter is also based on the Cardboard SDK and will work perfectly with the Homido lenses.

The game is offered on Google Play for free; find it today in your Homido Center.

Our opinion:

@malaboum – A very nice game made without a flaw, and it’s also free! What more can be asked, apart from maybe some new games stands?

@Gaelle – A pirate attack! A fun game for young and for old. The action button is especially useful and accurate to shoot in the mirror!

@Michael – A little game of “chamboule-tout” where you have to send plastic ducks (customizable) at cardboard pirates, while trying to avoid dolphins. My current score? 8.265.600! Yes, at the moment I’m N° 1 at Homido. 🙂

And what do you think?

VR Noir (Android/iOS/Gear VR)

vr-noir-logoVR Noir, developed and published by an Australian studio Start VR, is an investigation game played in the “point and click” style. This type of game lends itself very well to virtual reality, because, above all, it allows you to take the time to contemplate the sets, and find the elements that will advance the investigation.

The teleportation movements used in this type of a game not only allow to have more detailed sets, but they also limit the cognitive dissonance, and, in fact, let you play longer. VR Noir subtly and skilfully combines real shots and pre-calculated elements for a realistic photo rendering. This remarkable game is very interesting from the technical point of view. We will not disclose anything about the plot, so as not to spoil the experience. The app is available on the Homido Center, as well as on all mobile download platforms: Apple Store, Google Play and Oculus Home.

Our opinion:

@malaboum – VR Noir is a real visual gem, and the pace of this kind of a game is particularly well suited to virtual reality. “A must have”!

@Gaelle – A gripping and intriguing story in the shoes of a private detective. The environment is realistic, and every detail carries its own importance. A true immersive experience that awakens sensations!

@Michael – This game reminds me of the good old times of the FMV-type games (Night Trap, Phantasmagoria, etc.), but it’s very well-adapted in VR, a must-test.

And what do you think?

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