VR Stream has just been updated with a lot of tweaks and new features.

Here is the changelog:

  • Updated UI Icons & Effects
  • Gaze Timer option (for no button on headset)
  • Recenter at your convenience
  • New action on homido Flip controller

Updated UI

The interface has evolved with three new buttons located at the bottom of the main interface. An MSAA 4X antialiasing has also been enabled to improve the overall rendering of the display.

Gaze Timer

It is now possible to use VR Stream with virtual reality headsets without action button. This option is enabled by default and can be disabled at any time. In this mode the playback menu is permanently activated during video playback.


Want to browse VR Stream while lying comfortably? This function is studied for. At any time you can recenter the UI.

Homido Flip (Android)

The integration of the Homido Flip controller is improved, approach the controller of your eyes and discover the new features.

Improved interface

Various small cosmetic improvements have also been made, we leave you to discover them.