For over a year now, the world’s top online video platform has been supporting virtual reality by means of 360 VR videos and 360 stereoscopics. YouTube provides the most content by far, with around 600,000 such videos viewable today with a Homido virtual reality headset or compatible with Daydream/Cardboard.

Support for 180° VR videos

The platform has been compatible with the 180 and 180 stereoscopic videos for some time now. These types of videos have also been around for a while, and are the established choice for the adult content industry.

What are the advantages of 180° VR videos?

Based on the users statistics, Google has identified that 75% of viewers only look at the 90° angle of 360° videos. This statistic is in accordance with our natural vision; indeed if we have the possibility to see 360° by turning the head, we still focus on what happens in front of us. The adult content industry has chosen this format on this exact basis.

The 180° videos have the advantage of offering an output twice as good with identical resolution compared to a 360° video.

The 180° videos concentrate all the resolution in front of the viewer when the 360° videos spread the same resolution around the viewer. The immersion is all the better and the addition of stereoscopy (3D) allows the viewer to have a natural point of view.

Stereoscopic 180 cameras are becoming widespread.

Launched just over a year ago, the Lucid Cam, deliveries of which have just begun, is the first camera for the general public. Other models were announced by Google when launching the 180° video support.

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