Expeditions – education through virtual reality

Google’s Expeditions program discussed here several times before allows teachers to direct and comment on virtual tours.

Behind this simple concept hides a great tool dedicated to education with not less than 300 expeditions available to date. Previously dedicated only to the Android world, the application is now available on the Apple Store.

How does it work?

The Expeditions application works differently depending on whether you have a guide or you are an explorer.

The guide: It selects the topic and discusses different 360-degree photos using summaries displayed on the tablet or smartphone. The guide can also direct the explorers’ eyes to certain points (spots) defined in the Expedition. It’s worth noting that on the guide’s tablet it is possible to know where the explorers’ eyes look.

The explorers: Equipped with Cardboard or Homido Grab, the explorers are connected to the guide’s tablet and receive 360 photos sent by them. Arrows point to where to look, and there is nothing much to do than listen to the guide’s explanations.

How to add an Expedition?

It is not simple to add an expedition to the program, but the reasoning behind that is very clear. Google wants to make sure that the subject matter is proper and also to avoid the application content being enriched by false information.

It is still possible to submit an expedition by filling in this form and explaining your intentions. For this first series of topics, the American giant partnered up with some selected companies.

Prix: Gratuit

Prix: Gratuit