Do you have a smartphone compatible with Gear VR, a passive VR headset and a Bluetooth controller? Now you can make the most of the Oculus catalog without additional hardware.

The last update to the Oculus services allows the use of smartphone motion sensors with Oculus applications. This is particularly interesting, since, provided you have a compatible smartphone, it can be used with headsets other than Gear VR to get better comfort, larger field of view and IPD adjustment setting that is badly missing in the Samsung headset. Naturally, we recommend using the Homido V2, which has all the above advantages. 😉

What you need

  • A smartphone compatible with Gear VR (Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, S7, S7 Edge, Note 4, Note 5, Note 7)
  • Homido V1, V2 or any other passive headset
  • A Bluetooth Android controller, like our Homido Gamepad

The tutorial

Step 1: Enable Oculus Developer mode.

Your smartphone must be set up with the Oculus Developer mode. If this is already the case, you can skip directly to Step 2.

Initial setup

      1. Create an Oculus account by following this link.
      2. Open the application Sideload VR and follow the instructions below. 
        SideloadVR for GearVR
        Prix: Gratuit

Downloaded applications will be automatically signed and will not be visible in Oculus Home. To use them, you need to activate the Oculus Developer mode.

Activate Oculus Developer mode

  1. Launch the Gear VR Cardboard. 
    Gear VR Cardboard
    Prix: Gratuit

    Step 2: Launch the Oculus application.

  1. Once the Developer mode is active, your smartphone’s screen will flicker, and brightness will dim. This is quite normal, it’s a well-known “Low persistence” mode.
  1. Go back to the list of installed Oculus applications. Now is the time to connect your Bluetooth Gamepad!

3. Launch the app of your choice by simply tapping on its icon – that’s it!

Some small important points

  • The Homido V2’s capacitive button is used as the action button in this mode and it is fully functional.
  • The original Gear VR’s Back button is replaced by the Gamepad’s B button.
  • Same as with the original Gear VR, it is possible to charge a smartphone while in use thanks to a handy USB port.

This scenario allows to make the most of our Homido V2’s assets, namely, its various settings, comfort and low weight, as well as having access to Cardboard applications designed for the Gear VR.

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