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  • ‘Beat Saber’ on Quest Will be Fully Featured at Launch, Use Identical Tracking Logic 21 avril 2019
    Beat Saber developer Beat Games confirmed to Road to VR that the game will include all official features, modes, and music when it launches with Quest this Spring. Additionally, the studio says it didn’t have to make any concessions on tracking input logic to account for Quest’s inside-out tracked controllers. As far as standalone VR […]
    Ben Lang
  • Sony Brings Social VR Theater App to PSVR Users in Japan 19 avril 2019
    PSVR users have been waiting for an app that essentially lets them watch all of their favorite content with their other VR headset-owning buddies, or something akin to how Bigscreen Beta works on headsets like Rift, Vive, and Go. Sony actually created its own social VR viewing app for PSVR users in Japan, but it’s certainly […]
    Scott Hayden
  • Nintendo’s Labo VR Kit Sells Out at Major Online Retailers 19 avril 2019
    With Nintendo’s latest ‘Labo’ kit for Switch, the company made its first real strides into VR (not counting Virtual Boy). Within only a week of its release, the cardboard VR headset maker-kit is already sold out all over the web in the US and in parts of Europe. Large online retailers such as Amazon US, […]
    Scott Hayden
  • Microsoft Aims to Improve VR for Users with Vision Problems 19 avril 2019
    Microsoft researchers have created a tool that could make VR more accessible to users with impaired vision. Called SeeingVR, the tool kit is designed to address a problem that affects users with low vision, or vision that can’t be corrected by prescription glasses. As reported by Engadget, Microsoft researchers teamed up with Cornell Tech and Cornell […]
    Scott Hayden
  • ‘Firmament’ Kickstarter Boasts 10,000 Backers, But Still Needs Over $400K to Succeed 19 avril 2019
    Cyan, the creators of genre-defining puzzle adventure games Myst (1993) and Riven (1997), are only a week away from the end of their latest campaign, a new VR puzzler called Firmament. With still over $400,000 to go, the company is now asking backers to tell friends about the project in an ostensible race to the finish. […]
    Scott Hayden
  • Facebook is Working on a Voice Assistant for Oculus Devices, Portal & More 18 avril 2019
    Facebook is currently developing a voice assistant that could function similar to Amazon Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. Notably, it’s intended to support Oculus headsets in addition to Portal, and “future products.” Citing several sources familiar with the matter, a CNBC report broke the news yesterday that Facebook is looking to compete with the big platform […]
    Scott Hayden
  • Resolution Games to Launch Multiplayer VR Party Game ‘Acron’ This Summer 18 avril 2019
    With Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs (2019) fresh out the door, Resolution Games today announced Acron, a new multiplayer game that pits one VR player against a group of local mobile users. Resolution Games says Acron is expected to launch across several major VR platforms and both iOS and Android devices this summer. The studio hasn’t […]
    Scott Hayden
  • Critically Acclaimed Rhythm Action Game ‘Thumper’ is Coming to Quest at Launch 18 avril 2019
    Oculus announced that Thumper (2016), the popular rhythm-action game, is officially coming to Quest at launch. The company released the news via a blog post as a part of their on-going ‘Quest Countdown’; exactly when the clock is supposed to strike zero, we’re not sure. Oculus still hasn’t appended a launch date to Quest, its $400 standalone […]
    Scott Hayden
  • VR Anime ‘Spice & Wolf’ Launching on Rift, Vive & Go in June 17 avril 2019
    SpicyTails, the Japan-based studio behind VR anime experience Project LUX (2018), celebrated a successful Kickstarter earlier this year focusing on their next VR project that aims to bring the manga/anime Spice & Wolf to VR. Now, the studio says VR users can expect the game on June 3rd. The launch date was originally slated for May 2019, promising support for […]
    Scott Hayden
  • Google’s VR Painting App ‘Tilt Brush’ is Coming to Quest at Launch, Cross-Buy with Rift 17 avril 2019
    Already own a copy of Google’s VR creation tool Tilt Brush (2016) from the Oculus Store? Then you’ll be able to hop right into the company’s intuitive painting app with Oculus Quest, the upcoming standalone VR headset. Update (April 18th, 2019): Oculus has confirmed in a blog post announcing ‘Thumper’ as a day-one Quest title. Original Article […]
    Scott Hayden

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