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  • Oculus Chief Scientist Dives Deep Into the Near Future of AR & VR 16 octobre 2018
    In his latest presentation at Oculus Connect 5, Oculus Chief Scientist Michael Abrash took a fresh look at the five-year VR technology predictions he made at OC3 in 2016, using his insight as the head  He believes his often-referenced key predictions are “pretty much on track,” albeit delayed by about a year, and that he […]
    Brendan Lorde
  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: ‘Oculus Quest Completes Company’s First-Gen Lineup’ 15 octobre 2018
    Oculus Quest, the newly announced standalone 6DOF VR headset (ex-Project Santa Cruz), completely stole the show at this year’s Oculus Connect with the promise of offering some very Rift-like experiences in a mobile form-factor. There was a torrent of news surrounding the headset and its upcoming apps like SUPERHOT VR, but what seemed to fall through […]
    Scott Hayden
  • Lenovo Mirage Solo on Sale for $320 at Amazon US 15 octobre 2018
    Launched right on the heels of the Oculus Go earlier this summer, the Lenovo Mirage Solo, the company’s standalone Daydream headset, is currently selling for an $80 discount off the original $400 price tag on Amazon US. The headset, which includes inside-out positional tracking, is one of the first standalone VR headsets to accomplish six degrees of […]
    Scott Hayden
  • ‘Rec Room’ Update Brings Multiplayer Bowling to Social VR App 15 octobre 2018
    Rec Room, the social VR app for PSVR, Rift, Vive, and Windows VR headsets, just got an update that a new activity to its list of games and multiplayer adventures. Dubbed ‘Lone Shoe Lanes’, users can get started now on perfecting their virtual bowling form. Up to six players can bowl at once, the company […]
    Scott Hayden
  • ‘Astro Bot’ Ranked 5th Best PS4 Game of 2018, #1 PSVR Game of All Time 15 octobre 2018
    PSVR exclusive ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission has been making waves among critics and players alike since its release at the beginning of the month. The game now ranks among PS4’s top titles—VR or otherwise. Update (October 15th, 2018): It appears reviews are still rolling in, as Metacritic now puts ‘Astro Bot Rescure Mission’ as the 5th highest […]
    Ben Lang
  • VR Support for ‘No Man’s Sky’ Being Considered by Developer 13 octobre 2018
    No Man’s Sky, a game which has a history of calls for VR support since its 2016 release, could one day be explored in VR. Developer Hello Games is gauging interest in VR support for No Man’s Sky in a player survey intended to find out what the game’s community wants next. If you missed the drama […]
    Ben Lang
  • Media Molecule’s ‘Dreams’ Confirmed to Support PSVR at Launch 12 octobre 2018
    Media Molecule, the creators of LittleBigPlanet (2008) and Tearaway (2013), have been working on their upcoming game/game-creation tool Dreams for PS4 for the past few years, and although we knew PSVR support was destined to come someday, as first announced at Paris Games Week 2015, we weren’t sure if PSVR users would get the chance to play at […]
    Scott Hayden
  • ‘FlyInside Flight Simulator’ Preview – A Promising Start in VR-native Flying 12 octobre 2018
    FlyInside FSX, the crowdfunded VR plugin for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (2006), was built well before first-party VR motion controllers existed, developed back in the DK2-era of 2015 as an ad hoc way of jumping into an already highly-detailed flight sim. Now, the creators of FlyInside FSX have released their own dedicated flight simulator in beta, […]
    Scott Hayden
  • ‘Oculus Home’ Update Brings New Improvements, Social Features & More to All Users 11 octobre 2018
    Rift’s new system software, previously known as Rift Core 2.0, is now rolling out to everyone, bringing with it a number of performance improvements, UI updates, and a more customizable Oculus Home area with support for up to eight people. First teased at Oculus Connect 5, the new update includes more performance improvements that now […]
    Scott Hayden
  • ‘Firewall Zero Hour’ Tops PSVR’s List for Most Downloaded Game in September 11 octobre 2018
    Tactical team shooter Firewall Zero Hour (2018) took the top spot again as the most downloaded PSVR game last month. Hailing from ROM: Extraction (2016) developers First Contact Entertainment, Firewall Zero Hour launched on August 28th, giving it only four days to vault to the top spot in August, where it surpassed long-time chart toppers Job Simulator (2016), SUPERHOT VR (2016), and Rick and […]
    Scott Hayden

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