Homido "mini"

Homido® mini is the ultimate 2.0 marketing tool. It carries “Works with Google Cardboard” certification and can be customized with your company colors with a minimum order of 300 pieces. The mini allows you to be noticed with an original product. Many companies have already trusted us both for marketing campaigns and for events. Mini is as small as it is surprising! Let your imagination run free.

The whole Homido VR range can be customized with your company’s colors.

Various options for customization

The HOMIDO Mini VR Googles can be customized with your logo (2 colors printing) within a few days.

Full color printing also available

For full color printing or more complex graphism, and larger quantities, don't hesitate to contact us to know the lead time.

Certified by Google

The HOMIDO Mini VR Goggles are only one pocket sized VR Glasses approuved by Google! WWGC certification guarantees a high level of manufacturing quality and full compatibility with Cardboard applications.

Why Homido mini is better than a Cardboard?

VR Homido "mini" glasses have the advantage of being strong, durable and fit in the pocket. Unlike Cardboards they can be used hundreds and hundreds of times.

They chose Homido